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SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.


SHPE’s vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians and engineers.


A powerful perspective on the value of SHPE membership that goes beyond the “what”/”how” and digs deep into the “why”.

Region VI Membership


  • Western: MN, IA, MO
  • Central: WI, IL, IN
  • Eastern: MI, OH, KY



Leadership Team

Stephanie Hurtado Lonard

Stephanie Hurtado Lonard

Region 6 Vice President

Founder and President at Technically Minded Talent, Inc.


Raymundo Muro Barrios

Raymundo Muro Barrios

Region 6 Graduate Representative

Graduate Student at University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Mercedes Sifontes Garcia

Mercedes Sifontes Garcia

Region 6 Student Representative

Undergraduate Student at University of Louisville


Ligia Matousek

Ligia Matousek

Region 6 Junior Representative

Operation Excellence at Corteva



Jeny Teheran

Jeny Teheran

RLDC 2019 Professional Co-Chair

E-mail address: rldc6@shpe.org

Juan Flores-Salazar

Juan Flores-Salazar

RLDC 2019 Student Co-Chair

Email: rldc6@shpe.org

Rodrigo Lopez

Rodrigo Lopez

Region 6 Marketing Director

Illinois Institute of Technology, Class 2019

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Discover the benefits of the SHPE Membership


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SHPE Member Benefits


  1. More than $500,000 in scholarship offerings
  2. Internship, fellowships & co-op opportunities
  3. Exclusive access to the SHPE Career Center where you can share your resume with top employers and search for job openings.
  4. Tips on résumé writing and interview skills
  5. Professional, career, & leadership training offered at our various events:
    • Annual SHPE National Conference
    • National Institute for Leadership Advancement (NILA)
    • Regional Leadership Development Conferences (RLDC)
    • Management Growth Training (MGT)
    • Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)
  6. Competition opportunities to test and refine your academic and technical talent
  7. Lifelong networking opportunities with high profile professionals, fellow students, corporate representatives and SHPE leaders
  8. Discounted registration to SHPE National, Regional & Local events
  9. Complimentary subscriptions to SHPE Magazine
  10. Become part of the SHPE Familia and find support wherever you go with over 250 chapters and 10,000 members across the nation.

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Regional and National Awards

Within the NRP reports, chapters shall self-nominate for awards. This process encourages chapters to be strategic when preparing their NRP report and informed about the value of the awards. This also eliminates a potentially subjective nomination by reviewers. Chapters can self-nominate for as many awards as possible; however, chapters shall substantiate their merits for each award they self-nominate.

All awards shall be presented at the SHPE National Conference except for the Blue Chip Awards which shall be presented at the Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC) after NRP1 submission. Chapters are required to participate in the Chapter Management Tool program for consideration in any of the awards. Within the reports, chapters can provide a self-nomination for any of the awards listed below.

The following awards are possible:

  • Regional Blue Chip Awards (award for NRP Report 1 Only)**
  • National Outstanding Large Chapter of the Year*
  • National Outstanding Medium Chapter of the Year*
  • National Outstanding Small Chapter of the Year*
  • Regional Chapter of the Year (one per region)
  • National Most Improved Chapter of the Year (Student Chapter Only)
  • Outstanding Professional Development
  • Outstanding Leadership Development
  • Outstanding Academic Development (Student Chapter Only)
  • Outstanding Career Development (Professional Chapter Only)
  • Outstanding Outreach/Community Service
  • Outstanding Chapter Development

Blue Chip Awards: Blue Chip awards shall be awarded to both student and professional chapters based on their performance in the first half of the SHPE year as detailed in their NRP 1 report. Receiving the Blue Chip chapter award makes the chapter a potential contender for National, Regional and category awards for NRP1. Chapters awarded a Blue Chip award should view the award as a distinction of their ability to enact the SHPE mission and vision for the first half of the SHPE year. The Blue Chip awards shall be based on the self-nomination materials provided from only NRP1. A minimum of 40 points in NRP1 submission is necessary(but not sufficient) for eligibility for the blue chip award.


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